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I write this in English, because my German isn't good enough.

I've read a subject with questions about the family name 'Lindelauff'

I am from this family and I live in the Province Limburg in the Netherlands.

Me is being told by old familymembers that the name Lindelauff is originally from Denmark.

The original name was Lindlof.

The first Lindelauff who came into the Netherlands was a Danish sailor who couldn't go back to Denmark , caused by his religion. Back then ( 1550) there have been several religion based wars in Sweden and Denmark.

So, the first Lindelauff stayed in The Netherlands and married a Dutch woman. They registered in Amsterdam ( back then the only big harbor in the Netherlands).

Their son, or one of them, moved to the town Voerendaal in Limburg and builded there a big farm, wich is still there, and all the Lindelauffs are descendents of him.

That is what I know about the history of my family, my father had this information from his father, and so on. So, I have no reason to doubt it.

Greetings, Karl Lindelauff./ Geleen.