Grzondziel...welche bedeutng?

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Hallo ihr!
würde gerne mehr über meinen Nachnamen erfahren.
Das er aus Polen kommt,ist für mich sehr deutlich und klar.(Meine eltern kommen dahe')
aber welche bedeutung hat er?

ich danke für eure hilfe

gruß f. grzondziel

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Ich finde in Polen diese Varianten

Grzadzel, Grzadziel, Grzondziak, Grzondziel, Grzondziela, die alle miteinander verwandt sind.

Zitat (polish roots):

Grondzki is another way of spelling Gra~dzki, where the a~ stands for the Polish nasal vowel written as an a with a tail under it and pronounced (usually) like on -- so Gra~dzki sounds a lot like Grondzki, and that explains why it is sometimes spelled that way. This name would generally refer to a connection with a place called Gra~dy, of which there are quite a few in Poland. The root gra~d means "elevation", so it's a name that could be applied to a settlement in a hilly area. The spelling Grondzki is rather rare in Poland, as of 1990 there were only 30 Poles by this name, in the provinces of Warsaw (13), Bialystok (7), Lodz (8), Ostroleka (1), Sieradz (1). But the spelling Gra~dzki is quite common, with 2,535 Poles by that name; they live all over the country, with the largest numbers in the provinces of Warsaw (384), Bialystok (257), Lomza (375), Ostroleka (200), and Suwalki (274), and smaller numbers in many others. Thus the name means basically person from or connected with Gra~dy, and the frequency of the name is probably due to the fact that there are so many places by that name, and therefore so many places the name could get started. When researching, you want to look for either spelling, Grondzki or Gra~dzki, as they could be switched quite easily.

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