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Liebe Leser, kann mir jemand den Namen deuten? kommt aus Polen.

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Auch hier wohl wieder ein Herkunftsname. Es gibt in Polen und in Russland Orte namens Rostów und Rostov.

Diese Ortsnamen sind vermutlich vom slaw. Rufnamen Rostislaw abgeleitet.

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Vanagas hat den Namen in Weißrussland.
Fred Hoffman schreibt das:
"I suspect Rostov may not have been Polish originally. Polish doesn't use the letter V, it uses W to stand for that sound, so the spelling isn't Polish. Also, Polish does not often form surnames ending in -ow, it prefers endings like -owski or -owiecki. Rostov may well be Russian, because I know there's a city in Russia called Rostov on the Don. The name could show up in Poland, spelled as Rostow, but it'd be rare -- as of 1990 there was no Polish citizen named either Rostov or Rostow. The root of the name is an old common Slavic verbal root meaning "to grow." (wachsen)